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SEO is our bread and butter. We think or natural search is the place to start with most digital marketing scenarios. SEM, or pay per click (PPC), is integral to any online marketing campaign. It supports and reinforces SEO efforts, and can offer increased traffic and revenue almost immediately. Display Advertising and Retargeting augment search marketing. Want your site in front of qualified eyes? We can do it.

Social Media Marketing

Not only has social media risen to become a stand-alone digital marketing channel, it is also integral to SEO as search engines look to social media channels for ranking factors. Which social platforms speak to your customers? How and what should be communicated - and when? Share of voice is the goal, and an integrated approach is the answer. Build and adjust your online personality. Let's find the formula.

Online Reputation Management

A company's representation online is not always optimal. It can be weak and/or adverse. Negative search results, social media posts, and shopping reviews can damage reputation and impede business results. Such scenarios can be addressed and often improved or eliminated with the proper tactics in SEO, content improvement in social media, and other interventions. We can help.

The Details

Yahara Digital builds and supports core digital marketing channels for small, midmarket, and enterprise-level clients. With an emphasis on search and social media marketing, we also support Display Advertising/Retargeting, Affiliate Marketing, and Email Marketing efforts. While some clients may need support in only one or a few channels, of equal importance is managing these channels cross functionally, including prioritization of channels and optimal delineation of marketing spend among the channels.

Yahara Digital also uses its expertise to offer support in Online Reputation Management. When social media and search results include, or are dominated by, negative posts, company complaints and negative articles, and even poor star ratings, business can suffer. Yahara Digital can minimize or eliminate these issues in unison with clients by replacing these negative online assets with positive ones. organizations with no immediate issues can benefit by being proactive and creating positive online sentiment to ward off any potential negatives. We believe that this, in fact, should be a part of any online marketing campaign.

Who We Are

Yahara Digital Founder and Principal Jeff Muendel has over fifteen years of experience in digital marketing. As a manager and director for mid-market and Fortune 500 companies and agencies since 2001, Jeff has built and led teams to support digital marketing channels generating millions of dollars annually. Starting as an SEO, he broadened his experience leading paid search (PPC), Social media Marketing (SMM), and Display/Affiliate initiatives as both a hands-on specialist and team leader. Yahara Digital expands and contracts by use of a group of close-knit, experienced contractors according to client needs.

Free Site Assesment

We offer an assessment of your website from a digital marketing perspective, looking at top-level indicators for channels that relate to your site. A document is delivered that details those observations, which can be reviewed in meeting for potential next steps. This assessment can focus on traffic and corresponding leads/revenue or reputation management.

Digital Marketing Audit

Our digital marketing audit can be tailored to need, but always begins with SEO. Other channels include paid search (PPC), social media, display advertising, affiliate marketing, and email marketing. Our philosophy is to analyze not only channel by channel, but also as a whole through the all-encompassing lens of content marketing.

The audit is delivered in a graphics-rich document. Included with the service is a review meeting of the document and its findings, which often leads to more observations. Included with the audit is an initial plan with specific projects and goals, which can be used as a catalyst to create an ongoing digital marketing plan.

Dedicated Support

We can support your digital marketing needs. Our primary support channels include SEO, PPC, Social Media, and display advertising. We can also support affiliate and email marketing, though as those channels are often more ensconced in an organization, we tend to look to internal support options first. Content marketing affects all of these channels, and a proactive content marketing strategy can raise all the boats.

When online reputation management is the focus, the same channels are in play, but day-to-day work shifts to adjusting content online rather than improving traffic. In both situations, we are flexible in support levels. together, we can find the right level that fits both your needs and financial allocation.

  • Written introductory review of site
  • Identification of needs/opportunities
  • Find "Low Hanging Fruit"
  • Document review for questions
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  • Full audit of all DM channels
  • Social- or SEO - only options
  • Tailored to needs - traffic and/or reputation
  • Includes review and recommended plan
  • Starting at $999
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  • Custom support defined by client
  • Create & implement digital marketing plan
  • Flexible scheduling with seasonal adjustments
  • Competitive rates and project quotes
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